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Women in Tech Summit Roundtable Topics

The networking, lunch and moderated roundtable event with a variety of IT thought provoking table discussion topics, sponsored by SIM Women and hosted by Jeana Sublett. 

The luncheon will feature a moderated roundtable discussion with prominent executives in the tech industry. With a Roundtable wrap-up of information sharing from selected table and plenty of networking throughout, you will engage in thought provoking conversation and learn about a variety of IT and leadership topics from the industry experts!

Join us as tech industry thought leaders and insiders dive into topics such as:

  • Cyber Security

  • Technology Strategy

  • Project Management & Agile

  • Networking

  • Work Life Balance


See below for topic details

Table 1
rebecca flowers.jpg

Rebecca Flowers

Cyber Security Sales Executive


Hackers Don’t Go On Holiday


A broad discussion of trends within the cyber security arena, ways to measure success, and strategies for improving security posture.

Table 2
women silhouette.jpg

Moderator TBA

Topic TBA


A broad discussion of trends within the cyber security arena, ways to measure success, and strategies for improving security posture.

Table 2
jaynee beach.jpg

Jaynee Beach

Vice President IT Application

  Development & Test

Woodforest National Bank

Load Balancing: Work-Life Lessons From The Cloud


 In cloud computing, load balancing is a built-in service that automatically sends resources where they are most needed to handle demands on the system. As we manage the demands in our busy lives, we can apply many of the same principles: pre-planning for heavy demand periods, aligning available resources before they are needed, and automating as much of the work as possible. In this roundtable discussion, we look at some of the techniques used in cloud load balancing services, brainstorm for ways to apply them analogously in our daily lives, share personal insights where our own application of load balancing has worked, and learn lessons from where it has not.

Table 3
andrea bright.jpg

Andrea Bright

Senior Business Development Manager

Harvey Nash Inc.

Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2018 and Women's Trends


What you need to know about investment in data and cyber security, continued slow growth in female IT leadership and skills shortages continuing to slow change.  In its 20th year, the 2018 Harvey Nash /KPMG CIO Survey is the largest IT leadership survey in the world in terms of respondents. 3,958 CIO's and technology leaders from 84 countries talk about what is keeping them up at night. Topics include; cyber security, digital  strategy, customer centric strategy and skills shortages.

Table 4
lisa johnson.jpg

Lisa Johnson


WG Consulting

Power Networking - Step Through Any Career Door


We all know that most people find their next job through networking, but building and maintaining an effective network is challenging.  By shifting the networking discussion towards relationship building we will share practical tips for making and nurturing real connections, whether you are want to excel at the job you have or get the job you want. 

Table 5
katie barrett.jpg

Katie Barrett

Field Marketing Manager

Compugen Systems, Inc.

3 Ways Women Can Shape the Future of Tech


With a continued spotlight on the significant issues facing our country's technology workforce, let’s have a conversation around how we can elevate women in tech and cultivate a culture of role-modeling for the next generation to help girls and women in all stages of their technological journey.

Specifically let’s discuss three pieces of advice for women in tech and get your perspective on each:

   * Get in and stay in
   * Do meaningful work
   * Find the peers and leaders who can amplify your plan

Table 6
melissa betts.jpg

Melissa Betts

Project Manager/Scrum Master

Dig your heels in and learn first-hand about the Scrum framework within Agile. 


With the demand for agile growing, experience what all the hype is about and why Agile is being used as the tool for Digital Transformation. Discover the roles and vocabulary within Scrum by becoming a product team tasked with producing a shoe website for our mock client.  Walk away with the confidence of understanding the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum.

Table 7
kassandra agee.jpg

Kassandra Agee Chandler

Founder & Principal Consultant

Systematic Design Consultants

Phish Tales - How’s your organization navigating the choppy cyber seas?


The phish are getting bigger, it’s a whale of a problem. Security/Cybersecurity/Privacy is the top IT management issue cited in SIM’s 2018 IT Trends Study. How’s your organization navigating the cyber seas?  Join us to share how you’re tackling this issue.

Table 8
tatyana gromova.jpg

Tatyana Gromova, CSM®

IT Project Manager


How to be Agile in Current Market?

Do you know that many of the Fortune 500 US companies of today will be gone by 2020s. Pick a company at random, and it will have less than 50% chance of survival. Constant merges, acquisitions, bankruptcies, splits, spinoffs, layoffs, outsourcing…. welcome to a new reality. And with that human capital (you) is shifting within a market ups and downs. So the question is: how to respond to all changes and be agile in the current market?

Table 9
meg toups.png

Meg Toups

BlueSky IT Partners

The One Thing: Are you trying to do too much?

Discussion: Consider how ineffective our work and lives can be because we are trying to do too much. This discussion focuses on strategies to:
* Cut through the clutter
* Achieve better results in less time
* Dial down the stress
* Overcome the overwhelming feeling
* Revive your energy
* Stay on track

Table 10
robin laskowski.jpg

Robin Laskowski
Senior Vice President of IT Application Delivery


Getting People on Board: The Power of Influence

Discuss the importance of relationships and positive influence to leadership and success. Share experiences and examples of how to get along better with business associates, family members, and almost everyone else.

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